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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Want to have something at your wedding or event that will leave your guests absolutely astonished and is so much fun for everyone? 


Our interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booth is the latest and hottest photo booth concept to kick start your wedding or event.   

Strike a pose and this full body length mirror will talk to you helping you capture the perfect photo of you and your guests.  You can then customize your pictures by signing and adding emoji's to your photo using the on-screen paint pad.


Voila!  Your pictures are done & can printed or texted to your guests in less than 10 seconds. 

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a New-Age Classic

A magical, interactive photo booth experience for the modern crowd. This unique photo booth attracts all audiences with its charming design and unique touch screen offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking.
The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

You can choose from a wide array of features to include for your Magic Mirror Photo Booth photo-taking experience. Choose to include vibrant animations, touch based photo-signing, emoji stamping, interactive contests, social games, colorful photo countdowns and more.

When your guests step in front of the Magic Mirror Me photo booth, a colorful animation appears, inviting them to touch the full length mirror and take their best poses yet! 

You and your guests can stand in front of the mirror as cute animations play out on directly in front of them. You will be able to see yourself as the pictures are taken and play along with games programmed within the mirror that can lead to some great pictures!  Best of all, unlike other photo booths, you can fit LARGE GROUPS in a single photo!

Have the most unique photo booth experience for your guests at your next party, wedding, or corporate event!  


The Magic Mirror photo booth can be reserved both a la carte and also as an addition to our wedding photography services.

Click Here to See our Overlay Customization Options for Magic Mirror Photo Booth.

How Much Is It?



Magic Mirror Photo Booth at event.png

What's Included at that Price?

  • Up to 2 Hours Of our Magic Mirror Photo Booth

  • A Fun & Outgoing Booth Attendant to help your guests

  • Deluxe Physical Prop Box or Digital Props to choose from

  • Pro-Quality Images with professional lighting

  • Unlimited Photo Sessions during the event

  • High Quality Instant Physical Print for each person in the photo

  • Option to text images, GIFs and messages to your guests

  • Customized Print Overlay with your event details

  • High Resolution Digital Files

  • Online Event Gallery delivered after your event

  • Unique Features & Fun Interactive Games

  • Free Travel Up to 25 Miles Round Trip from zip code 28101

What Other Add Ons Are Available?

  • Add additional Hours of Booth Run Time for only $200/Hour

  • Add a Backdrop for your images for only $100

  • Add a Custom Photo Book with prints of all the photos from the event that your guests get to sign for only $150

What is a backdrop and do I need one?

For those still looking for a backdrop to complement their magic mirror photo booth rental, our usual assortment of themes and textures are still available when renting our photo booth.

A backdrop is the cloth wall that is behind you in the photo.  If you add a backdrop to your rental, then you get to choose from one of our backdrop selections including the GREEN SCREEN option..  The green screen option allows you and your guests to be placed anywhere in the world, by being able to change the background image behind them!  How cool!​

Do you absolutely need a backdrop for your photos to be awesome.. NO..  Photos still look amazing without them which is why we let you choose if you want to use one or not.  This is a great way to save especially when space is an issue as the backdrops are like a 10x10 foot wall so they need some extra space.

If you decide to add one, Check out our selection of backdrops to choose from below:

Magic Mirror Photo Booth Touch Screen.png

Book Today!

The Mirror Photo Booth that is Magical!

Our Magic Mirror Me Photo Booth service comes with the customization and options you can expect with any high-quality photo booth rental. If you are Interested in learning what we can do for your event in Charlotte or surrounding are then contact us at BW Photography Studio about your Photo Booth today!

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