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12 Unique Ways to Entertain Your Weddings Guests

With these 12 Unique tips and ideas to entertain your guests, you can create the wedding that everyone will remember for a lifetime. Use these ideas, modify or add to them to make them fit with your wedding day theme.

1) Photo booths

Imagine a way for your guests to let their guard down, relax and have fun at your wedding. No one can resist putting on a funny hat or glasses and making a funny face in front of a camera. The best parts about these pictures are that you get to see your wedding guest’s true personality.

BW Photography Studio offers a unique photo booth. Our Magic Mirror Photo Booth is an even more interactive experience. Imagine a giant touch screen mirror that takes photos? Pretty much every girl’s dream come true! BW Photography Studio offers special discounts if you book our Magic Mirror Photo Booth along with your wedding photography package.

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2) Champagne skirts

BW Photography Studio Champagne Skirt

During cocktail hour instead of just offering Champagne or wine at the bar, why not have a Champagne Skirt serve your guests? We have photographed many weddings and we notice that one of the most selfied and shared images from a wedding reception is when the bride and groom have a model walking around in a Champagne skirt. Not only are they a unique way to serve your guests, they also help keep your guests entertained.

Champagne skirts can hold more than just alcohol. Our Carnival Bride had it Filled with martini glasses stuffed with Cotton Candy!

If you are interested in renting a Champagne skirt for your wedding cocktail hour, contact

3) Singing Waiters

I know what you are thinking; singing waiters? Believe it or not but one of the new trendy wedding trends are special waiters that put on a show. While these waiters are not “really” waiters; they do serve you and your new spouse either desert or dinner and then go off into song and dance. The best part is that it can both surprise and entertain your guests when they are least expecting it. It’s like dinner with a show and can really add some special “pizazz” to your wedding.

Fireworks at a wedding
Average Photographers won't capture these special Firework moments like a Professional can!

4) Fireworks Displays

Instead of throwing rice, everyone starting using bubbles. Now the biggest trend is Sparklers for grand exits. But why not take it up a notch? BW Photography Studio has shot many weddings where the guests are not only holding sparklers, but behind you, fireworks are exploding in the sky. Fireworks are fairly inexpensive these days and have really come a long way from bottle rockets. You can find what’s called a show in a box so that that all a willing volunteer has to do is light one fuse and it puts on a big show without much trouble. Just be sure to check with your venue and local laws to ensure that it’s ok to shoot them off before purchasing them.

It makes for AMAZING photos if you hire a professional photographer. But BEWARE!! If you hire “uncle Joe” or a friend to shoot your wedding, they won’t have the experience a professional wedding photographer will have to actually get focused images.

5) Wedding Nannies

So what is a wedding nanny? Basically it’s either volunteers or hired professionals that are there to help wrangle little ones while your guests with children enjoy themselves. All too often we see guests that have to leave early, or can’t make it to a wedding due to not having a sitter. With a wedding nanny, you can ensure that guests with families are able to make it to share with you on your big day. Plus it gives those tired parents a little time to enjoy all the other great things you have planned without the worry.

Not only have we seen nannies for children, but we have also been to “pet friendly” weddings where guests were encouraged to bring their dogs or pets. Once the ceremony is over a pet wrangler/nannie can help watch pets to ensure that they don’t cause any trouble.

Ice Cream At a Wedding
How cute are these ice cream carts. Let your guests cool down at your wedding!

6) Ice Cream Stalls

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Instead of cocktail hour, why not setup a ice cream stall. In the south in summer, outdoor weddings can be HOT! By setting up a ice cream stall, your guests can cool down and have fun. Ice cream stalls are easy to setup and easier on the budget that an open bar. Offer different types of ice cream or even high end ice cream pops. Be sure to also keep plenty of toppings and lactaid for guests who are lactose intolerant.