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What is an Engagement Photo Session

An engagement session is a professional photoshoot designed to capture images you can use on your wedding website and social media profiles before you say I do.

Its easy for both of you to get nervous about having photos taken after the announcement of your marriage, but an engagement photo session is a great way to show off your love and enthusiasm for one another before you have to set a date for your big day. Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to provide your family and friends with some memories to last them long after you've forgotten everything else from your wedding day!

These sessions often include the photographer, a professional hair and makeup artist, and sometimes even a celebrity.

While the services of a professional photographer are generally not available for free, many these days offer low-cost or even budget-friendly photo sessions. If you want to try this type of photography but aren't sure if you want to pay someone else to take your photos, consider doing one yourself! Its easy and fun to do, allows you to feel more in control of your session, and can help cut costs.

If you book your wedding photography package with BW Photography Studio, then a Engagement session is included at no additional charge.

Its a major investment both financially and time-wise, but its worth it to get images that you can hang on the walls of your home or use to promote your wedding.

An engagement photo session allows you to put your face into photos for the first time so everyone knows who you are. It also gives you a chance to spend time with your partner in fun environment without the stress of business meetings or work obligations.

Best of all, it gives you a ton of images you can print and hang in your new married home.

Engagement Sessions allow to have new images of the two of you that you can place all through your new marital home.

Talk to your partner about whether or not they want to be involved in the planning of your engagement session.

While you can plan the session yourself, talk to your partner ahead of time about their preferences and what their ideal engagement images are to them. They may want to choose the outfits and arrange everything while you're busy planning with your photographer.

Choose the right photographer.

Finding the right photographer will ensure that you get images you love and can also help your wedding planning process. The right photographer will help you start off with a clear goal in mind; getting photos of your family to share with friends or the internet!

Contact us to find out more about booking your engagement session.

We'll guide you through creating a budget and helping you find locations that fit within your limits.

Schedule time for some self-care.

An engagement photo session allows you to take care of yourself by having some time alone to get beautiful images of your love story.

About BW Photography Studio

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