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Why You Need An Engagement Photo Session

Why You Need Engagement Photos

The opportunity to photograph someone you love is a gift, and not just for the couple getting married.

An engagement session allows you to share your feelings with your partner while also giving them a chance to see what memories you want to create together. Your engagement session photos also give you a perfect small gift to give to your parents to hang on those walls so everyone can share in your new found family member. Your family will want to share in your new life; and by giving them your engagement photos they can have that opportunity.

Its also a chance to create memories that you can look back on for years to come, and use to promote your marriage.

Your wedding photographer will likely ask you if you want engagement photos, but don't assume that just because you booked a wedding photographer means your package includes an engagement session. By taking advantage of a engagement session you can draw your partner into your dreams and share that moment with your friends and family to convince them to engage in your wedding. Your family can look back and see years from now, exactly the love that the two of you shared when it "all began". You can also use the images to create "Save the Date" notices to even further get your guests engaged in your wedding.

Celebrate what you love: Instead of worrying about how to capture the moment!

Don't just hang out in each others company; take time to explore what makes your relationship unique and special. By spending time showing off what matters to both of you, you will help establish an identity between you and your partner. By showing off what you do as a couple in your photos, it makes your photos unique to you. It will inspire you in the future to get back to your roots of what makes the two of you made for each other.

Say hello to your favorite photographer.

Probably the MOST IMPORTANT REASON to have an engagement session is that it allows you to get to know your photographer. We all like to feel connected to someone we know, especially when meeting a new friend for coffee or jumping into a conversation with an old buddy. The simple act of sharing an experience with your photographer can help you bond over something you both enjoy (like sports or travel), while also giving you another way to connect. By using the engagement session to get to know your photographer, it will make your wedding day that much easier, since you build trust and get to know your photographer on a more personal level.

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