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Wedding First Dances


“Where Words Fail, Our Imagery Speaks”

Our Signature Style

Clean, Vibrant, Crisp photographs that are timeless.

What is the primary style of BW Photography studio that make our wedding photography style unique?

BW Photography Studio is always trying to develop a unique style of photography. Our wedding photography is rooted in photojournalism and influenced by fine-art and fashion. With every couple we work with, we strive to create not just the perfect images, but also create a memorable experience so that you remember your wedding day for the rest of time.​

Other photographers see things as they are and ask, "Why?"   We dream things that never were and ask, "Why not?"

We are constantly experimenting with new tools and techniques to blend various photography styles to challenge our creativity and tell the most compelling stories.  Our wedding photographs are clean, vibrant, crisp and timeless. 


Our typical approach combines elements of photojournalism and fashion to form its own unique story.  All while adjusting for factors like the location, lighting, and client preferences. However, if you like a particular style, be sure to let your photographer know during your Initial Meeting.


Our photojournalistic approach takes in the surroundings, knowledge of human tendencies, and patience. Each image we take serves a purpose and has a point. Each image captures an emotion, tells a story, or portrays a mood or feeling. That’s why you won’t see us taking random pictures, for example, you stuffing your face with food or staring off into space.

Our goal is to tell YOUR story in a timeless look that you can look back on years from now and still be proud of.  

We Focus On Family

We care about our couples and we care about the people they love.  Weddings are more than just unions between two individuals, they are unions of two families.   Because of this we ensure that we devote proper time and attention to each of the family members that are important to you. We find that in the end this makes the most beautiful and emotional moments.

That's why most of our packages include your First Family Heirloom in a custom handmade Album!


Our Wedding Photography clients enjoy the luxury of having a custom made wedding album included in most of our packages.


An album tells the story of your day in a way that no other product can. And it lives on to tell that story to your children and grandchildren. 


I don't know any couple who could look back over the album and not be reminded of their love and the fact that they can make it through long as they have one another.

We Focus on Natural Posing

Whether you’re stiff as a board or used to being in front of the camera, we’ll make sure we give you as much direction as you need to create natural, comfortable poses.  We have a blast during our sessions and know how to make every client look their very best using our posing style. We’re always paying attention to things like overly puckered lips, unflattering angles, and other awkward expressions. At the same time, we’re creating an environment where you’re comfortable and your personalities and affection are the focal points of the image.

Our Focus on Fun

We love setting up scenes where you and your family/friends can be silly, fun, and playful.  In some scenes, the idea sometimes is to get you out of your comfort zone by getting you to do something silly, ridiculous, or even inappropriate. During those moments, and especially in between, we’re snapping away to get those smiles and natural emotions.