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We offer a variety of shooting and editing styles when we shoot and edit your wedding.  Some of our clients are specifically looking for a particular style.  From Photo journalistic to Fashion, we offer a variety of options to fit any desire.

Once you sit down with your photographer; they can go over your mood board to narrow down your specific tastes.

This list will help you when talking with photographers, so that you know exactly what type of photography you are interested in.

1. Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding Photojournalism is a story telling the style of wedding photography that involves minimal involvement on the part of the photographer. A photojournalistic wedding photographer allows all of the moments to unfold around them while they just naturally use their creative eye to capture and interpret those moments through their photography.


2. Fine-Art Wedding Photography

Fine-art wedding photography involves using artistic angles, creative lighting, unique compositions and advanced post-production techniques to create imagery with a much stronger artistic flare. Our wedding photographers are very meticulous about researching scenes and anticipating moments so that we can use fine-art techniques, without interfering with our surroundings.
Fine-art wedding photography starts with an image shot with an artistic finish in mind, most likely not a “say cheese” moment. In post-production, these images are transformed into fine-art using textures, filters, masks, and other advanced Photoshop techniques to create a visually stunning, emotional image.


3. Fashion Wedding Photography

Fashion photography is a genre of photography, and that focuses around displaying clothing and other fashion items for commercial purposes. This style of photography is popular in large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles. However, there are several unique photography techniques that are employed in fashion photography, which we borrow in our wedding photography style. These techniques include the usage of unique off camera lighting, fashion-esque poses and expressions, along with dramatic backgrounds. Typically, our fashion influenced the style of wedding photography will only be used at the request of the bride and groom during the engagement shoot/bridal shoot, as it does require some photographer involvement.


4. Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography typically has quite a bit of wedding photographer involvement. The wedding photographer is seen almost as a type of coordinator, and thus, assists in guiding and directing the wedding. While BW Photography Studio photographers are not wedding planners, we do have extensive experience in directing and posing people for group formals when necessary. However, in general, our philosophy is to capture real moments and to remain as unnoticed as possible.


Currently we offer 3 different editing styles when it comes to your wedding photos.  Our signature style editing is the most modern and timeless style that we offer.

Our Signature Modern Style is high definition, Warm, Vibrant, Crisp, and Clean. Skin tones are accurate and the natural colors of the scene “pop,” giving the image a beautiful, timeless aesthetic.

This is our Most used and editing style that we recommend most since this style will NEVER go out of style as trends change.

However, due to certain trends in wedding photography, we provide 2 other styles that are very unique and trendy to todays brides.

Pastel is our Bright & Airy Film Emulation.  It was designed to be Soft, Filmic and bright..  Colors take on a light pastel tone lifting everything brighter than what your eyes see.

Crushed is the Bold and Vivid Style That Maintains Skin Tones.  It darkens darker areas and gives tremendous contrast to your image between the light and dark areas.  

No matter which style editing you choose, we are certain that you will love your wedding images.

But to help you decide we created some sample sliders below to show you the differing editing styles.

Be sure to let your photography know which style you prefer so that they can edit your wedding images accordingly.

Sample Images with Each Style

About BW Photography Studio

We are Creative, Clean and Different. As a group of Charlotte Area wedding photographers our passion is storytelling. Founded in 2012, our studio has been recognized as the best wedding photographers in Charlotte area by various publications, websites, and groups. We’d love speak directly with you and provide more information on our Charlotte Wedding Photography Packages and introduce you to our team!

We strive to be industry leaders in the wedding photography field and hope we can assist you in capturing your memories that will last a lifetime.

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