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Image by Al Elmes


Fabulous Women Over 40!

You've just taken the first step towards

capturing the essence of your remarkable journey!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We're elated that you've signed up for an exclusive portrait photography session designed exclusively for women like you - strong, confident, and beautiful souls who've seen life's ups and downs and embraced every moment with grace.

40 Over 40 Portrait Ladie In Green Smilling

What to Expect Next

I am eagerly preparing to celebrate YOU!  Get ready to be pampered, guided, and empowered during your personalized photography experience. We want to reveal your unique brilliance and freeze that radiance in timeless portraits that will leave you in awe.

I or my assistant Julie will be reaching out to you shortly via email or phone to finalize the details and answer any questions you may have. Rest assured, this experience will be all about you, and we can't wait to make it unforgettable.

Spread the Joy

We believe in the power of sisterhood and the magic of shared experiences. If you have friends who are also phenomenal women over 40, why not let them in on this wonderful opportunity? Share the love, laughter, and memories together during our group sessions.

Just send them to our page here:

While You Wait

As you eagerly await your upcoming photography session, why not take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey you've traveled? Each chapter of life has shaped you into the awe-inspiring woman you are today. Embrace your journey with pride and a renewed sense of self-appreciation.

We invite you to stay connected with us by joining our VIP Facebook Group HERE. Get inspired by stories of phenomenal women, photography tips, and uplifting messages tailored exclusively for women like you!


Thank you Again!

Once again, thank you for choosing us to be a part of your journey.


Your decision has filled our hearts with gratitude, and we're counting down the days to meet you in person!

With love and admiration,

Brad Whitlock

Lead Photographer

BW Photography Studio

532 Academy Street, McAdenville, NC 28101

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