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Some Words from Our Founder

In a recent interview our Founder Brad Whitlock points out his vision for the studio...
Wedding Photography Brad W

Photographs are not there just for you..  they are there to tell a visual story for your children, grandchildren or even great great grandchildren. Years from now, they will look through your wedding album and say.. wow… look how beautiful and happy they looked.. Look how she smiled.. Look how he cried the first time he saw her in her wedding dress. That’s the power of great wedding photography…

We believe family is all about love. Being able to capture those family moments that only happen once in a lifetime is what we love. How in a brief moment, You get to see yourself through your partners and families eyes.. You see just how much they love you..

What are Wedding Photographs for?

“Seeing the tears rolling down his check when he saw me… I just can’t even begin to explain how powerful that moment was for me.. and how much I knew he loved me… Having that moment captured in time in a photograph is priceless…”

Client Testimonial Samantha N.

In those moments You deserve to feel beautiful… because you are perfect just the way you are.. Your wedding pictures
can change your view of yourself.. Our brides come to us and see women in our published Bridal magazine work and
always tell us how beautiful those women are and how they wish they could look like that..

But then We show them THEIR pictures of their wedding and Every client can’t believe how beautiful they actually are..
It’s empowering for us to provide that.. to know that we not only capture the story that their family will cherish for
generations to come, but also being able to show a Bride that she can be comfortable in her own skin.. it’s all a truly
great thing that I just can’t even begin to explain..

“When I saw my pictures of my wedding for the first time.. I couldn’t believe it was me.. They looked soobeautiful, like I could be in a magazine”Client: “All I can say is do whatever you can to hire them to photograph your wedding.. you won’t regret it…”

Client Testimonial
Briana B.

We are all about family.. We love our family more than anything, and therefore treat every client like part of our family and that’s what sets us apart from other studios.. We wouldn’t provide you with a image that we wouldn’t be proud to hang on our own walls. Bottom line… Our goal is that when your children, or grand children look back on your Wedding day years from now.. They see that love story unfold, they feel the emotion of that day.. and they instantly know the love they came from..

Other photographers see things as they are and ask, "Why?"    We dream things that never were and ask, "Why not?"

This motto is at the very core of who BW Photo Studio is...  We push then envelope and always seek to find a better image.  We dream big and try and create something that the world hasn't seen before.  It is our passion and our goal.

About BW Photography Studio

BW Photography Studio is excited that you are considering us for your Wedding Photography.  We are considered as one of the Top Wedding Photographers in the Charlotte area.

Our Unique style of wedding photography is rooted in photojournalism, influenced by fine-art and fashion photography. The end result of our photographs are creative, clean and crisp artistry that’s romantic, powerful, fun, and emotional.

BW Photography Studio photographers are Creative, Clean and Different. As a group of Charlotte Area wedding photographers our passion is storytelling. 

Founded in 2012, our studio has been recognized as one of the best wedding photographers in Charlotte area by various publications, websites, and groups. Our work has been published in multiple bridal magazines and publications around the country.  

We strive to not just be photographers, but rather artists creating unique and expressive imagery heling you create a memorable experience to remember your wedding day for the rest of time.

We’d love speak directly with you and provide more information on our Charlotte Wedding Photography Packages and introduce you to our team!

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