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How To Prepare for your Engagement Photo Session

Get some amazing tips on where to get started when preparing for your engagement photo session.

UNC Charlotte - Engagement Session - Couple in asian garden
UNC Charlotte - Engagement Session - Couple in asian garden

Choosing a location for your photo session is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a couple.

Where you choose to take your photos will determine not just what you wear but also how you feel. Will you be comfortable in front of the camera? Are you prone to nervous laughter or harsh lighting? Once you've picked the place that gives you both joy, its time to plan out where to shoot.

Choosing a location for your engagement photo session is an important decision. It can impact everything from what types of shots you get to who you end up choosing as your photographer. When considering where to have your photos taken, think about what you love and what you want to capture regarding your relationship. Are you looking for sweet moments or sexy ones? What goes into your favorite romantic scenes? 

Once you've gotten closer to one another in the weeks leading up to your session, its easier to see what images come to mind. And if there's something specific you want your photographer to capture about your relationship, let them know beforehand so they can watch for your interaction and catch those special moments.

UNC Charlotte, Engagement Session, Silhouette
UNC Charlotte, Engagement Session, Silhouette

Choose a venue that matches your vision for your wedding day.

Where you choose to have your photo session will depend entirely on how you feel around other people and what your unique wedding style is going to be. If you're interested in high-energy, fun events, consider a lifestyle engagement shoot at a favorite restaurant or bar where you can order drinks and eat food during the session. Or if you love the idea of a traditional styled session, book a formal photo session in your dress or suit at a local museum or public space.

Many of our couples choose to have their engagement session at the same location they are planning to get married.  It helps both of you get relaxed in that location so that on your wedding day, it seems more natural to be photographed.  It also helps guests that may be coming to your wedding, see the venue before arriving.

Talk to your photographer about your needs and desires.

Your engagement photos are yours alone until you say so. That means that if you want to include others in your portraits, or you'd like to do some solo images, your photographer wont complain. Photographers are also great at helping decide what style of photos you need from you.  Traditional posed portraits, natural family photography, lifestyle wedding photography, etc. Chat with your photographer about what you want and make sure they can provide it.

UNC Charlotte Campus, Engagement Session, Couple Holding Hands Walking
UNC Charlotte Campus, Engagement Session, Couple Holding Hands Walking

Pay attention to the environment.

If you're planning on having your engagement photos in the park or elsewhere outdoors, be sure to bring plenty of coats and blankets with you. You may also want to prepare some sunglasses and sunscreen because there will be a lot of time spent outside.  Check the weather because many times the environment will limit what you can wear and do on your session.

Consider your budget.

While an engagement photo session isn't necessarily something you have to pay attention to, if you can afford to do it, then maybe its something you should consider. After all, these are photos that will help make your wedding day more personal and offer you pieces to look back on when you want to remember how amazing your partner is.If you book with BW Photography Studio, then we include a Engagement Session with all of our wedding packages.  So contact us to learn more!

Take time to enjoy just being together.

Before you even start taking photos, make sure you have a clear idea of how much time you can spend with one another. This will help inform what you wear and bring to your session and its especially important if you're planning on shooting any lifestyle photos like cooking or other stories. You may want to pack some comfortable clothes so you don't feel constrained by the photo gallery style dress code.Otherwise, just spend the time with your partner and enjoy it.  Most of our engagement sessions are just fun!  Enjoy being with your partner and we assure you that all of your photos will be your favorites that you can share for a lifetime.  Being yourself and sharing the time with your partner is what it's all about.

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