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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

With cameras in almost every pocket these days, photos can sometimes seem almost commonplace. People snap images of every event they attend—every party, wedding, and even baby shower. So, between the professional photographer you’ve hired and your guests taking photos during the reception festivities, you may feel like a photo booth is redundant or unnecessary. Does anyone really want more photos?

You might be surprised by the answer. Photo booths are incredibly popular, not just at weddings, but at almost any type of event. A photo booth can serve as entertainment, party favor, and memento all rolled into one, making it the perfect activity for guests at your wedding!

Photo Booth This Way Sign
Photo Booth This Way Sign

1) It’s a fun way to keep your guests entertained.

While your wedding day is all about you and your partner, it’s always a great idea to provide some entertainment for your guests. Some couples decide to have games or activities, but a photo booth is the perfect solution because it provides both entertainment and a party favor for guests to take home!

Keep in mind that there will be downtime between the ceremony and the reception while you and your new spouse take photos with family and friends. A photo booth gives your guests something to do while they wait—and can help avoid any grumpiness about the time between “I do” and dinner.

2) Everyone has a memento to take home.

Everyone takes photos at weddings on their phones these days, but a photo booth offers guests a fun memento from your day. After all, they’re making memories too, and many couples and groups of friends would love the chance to capture all the fun they’re having at your wedding in a quality, professional photo.

Plus, many photo booths save a copy for the bride and groom too, so you’ll be able to see just how much everyone enjoyed your reception and have extra photos of your guests on top of your professional wedding photos.

Photo Booth, Photo Booth Props
Photo Booth, Photo Booth Props

3) You don’t have to put extra work into making favors.

You could spend hours putting together favors for each of your guests, or you could let them create their own favors with a photo booth. What better gift to the loved ones who attend your wedding than quality, professional photos?

Of course, you’ll have your wedding photos, but chances are they won’t include every guest, and you won’t be able to provide them to everyone. A photo booth allows everyone to have their own personalized images in whatever groups they’d like, and the best part is they can take their photos home with them that day!

4) It’s perfect for any age.

Photo booths are fun for everyone from small children to grandparents! They give kids a chance to make faces, goof off, and get some energy out before the reception really gets started. Weddings aren’t always the best place for children to run around, but a photo booth allow them to have fun without interrupting the reception or throwing a tantrum.

Plus, a booth photo gives adults a chance to feel a little more like children and have fun as well. Who doesn’t love fun backgrounds and props?

Photo Booth, Group Portrait at photo booth
Photo Booth, Group Portrait at photo booth

5) It’s both modern and classic.

Chances are you have hundreds of photos on your phone, but how many printed photos do you have? A photo booth allows you and your guests to have fun images you can hang on your fridge or in your office at work. It’s a classic, charmingly old-fashioned concept with all the benefits and speed of instant digital photography.

Your favorite memories deserve to be more than digital. Having photos from your wedding day in physical form allows both you and your guests to look back on the joy and happiness of the day for years to come.


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