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Our Wedding Photographers Gear

If you have ever been interested in photography or wedding photography, then you know that the gear is one of the things that every photographer wants. The newest and most fancy gear is always fun, exciting and desired. We have been with photographers that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the newest gear just because they want it; even when they don’t know how to use it.

The Camera

Cameras come in all brands, sizes, megapixels and features. You will find things like mirror-less, mirrored and more when shopping for them. There are SOO many options with it comes to cameras. Bottom line in terms of camera bodies is that unless you need a certain feature, what’s the point in having it? Currently we are using a DSLR mirrored style Canon. But in truth, we have taken some great images using a cheap point and shoot.

So what camera do we use? Our go to camera for most of our shoots is the Canon 5D Mark IV. It gives us the a great array of features and customized button options that make shooting easier. It also is a full frame with enough megapixels that we can blow up images as large as 36 inches or wider. We love this camera and have found that Canon provides some amazing dynamic range to capture all the details.

We are however considering switching over to Sony A7RIV but will probably wait to see what Canon comes out with next.

The Lens

Photographers know that it’s not always the camera body that is the most important, but rather the Glass/Lens you attach to it that can make or break you. Lens choice comes down to both quality and personal preference. Some photographers only shoot with prime lenses. Prime lenses do not zoom in and out. They have a set focal length. What this means is that the photographer has to “zoom with their feet” if they want a close up or wider shot. Our glass we use tends to be at set F stops. This allows us to capture your wedding photos with that smooth blurred “bokeh” background that everyone loves.

So what’s Lens choices are in our bag? Well our go to lens choice is the Tamron G2 24-70mm 2.8. We use that lens for most applications due to its versatility. However our second most used is the Tamron G2 70-200mm 2.8. It allows us to take those wedding photography pictures from a distance so we are not in the action but rather observers getting those candid photojournalistic emotions. Also in our bag is a Canon 85mm 1.4 as well as the Canon 50mm 1.8. These are both Prime style lenses that give us that awesome depth and bokeh.

Using a Flash

We know many wedding photographers that use AUTO mode on their camera and can’t take a picture when it gets dark outside because they never learned what to do without natural sunlight. BW Photography Studio does use flash when we need it. We have spent years learning how to use a flash properly so that it looks natural. The benefits allow us to shoot amazing images, even when it is dark outside. We even sometimes use it when it is bright outside to add drama and interest.

So what flash do we use? Our go to brand is Godox/Flashpoint. We generally use Flashpoint AD600 pros for our studio work and our styled shoot work. These are amazing flash units that are portable and powerful. For our weddings we generally use Flashpoint AD200 as well as the Flashpoint V860II. We find that the portability of these two units as well as the power and battery life they provide give us everything we need for most situations in weddings.

What other goodies do you use?

Aside from cameras, lenses and flashes we use a variety of tools when it comes to getting those unique one of kind wedding photos. If there is time, we will pull out a collection of shoot through objects like prisms, water droplets and chandelier pieces to add some unique elements. We have even used a crystal sphere to capture some neat images. If your wedding is at night and your feeling creative, we sometimes use light painting sticks like the Fotorgear to create some really cool light painting portraits.

One system we always use is our MagMod system. It includes color correcting gels, spheres and bounce cards so that we can control what light we put out and sometimes give us a creative look.

Cameras are only tools

BW Photography Studio believes that our photography equipment we use, are merely tools. They do not define us or our skill. Think of it this way. Imagine one of the Great Artists from the past like Leonardo Divinci. His ability to capture life in paint was not because he had the most state of art brushes and paint; it was his natural skill that created the art. Some of his most beautiful pieces were drawn with a simple pencil. So photography is the same.

How many people do you know have an expensive DSLR camera, but keep in in AUTO mode? They spent a small fortune on a device that they don’t really know how to use. They would have been better off just using a cell phone because at least they knew how to use it.

So don’t be fooled just because someone offers Wedding photography because they bought an expensive camera. When you are looking for a wedding photographer don’t necessarily focus on the camera they use, but rather ask and find out, if they are capable of using what they have to its fullest.

If you are interested in our Charlotte area Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography or Photo Booth please contact us and visit us on the web at

About BW Photography Studio

We are Creative, Clean and Different. As a group of Charlotte Area wedding photographers our passion is storytelling. Founded in 2012, our studio has been recognized as the best wedding photographers in Charlotte area by various publications, websites, and groups. We’d love speak directly with you and provide more information on our Charlotte Wedding Photography Packages and introduce you to our team!

We strive to be industry leaders in the wedding photography field and hope we can assist you in capturing your memories that will last a lifetime.

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