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Wedding Photography Mood Board

Wedding Mood Boards help us to help you!

Pinterest, how we love you so… It makes Inspiration for your wedding Photography a breeze. Creating a “mood board” on Pinterest is suggested for all of our wedding photography clients because it helps us define your vision for your photos.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using Pinterest for your wedding Photography mood board:

1. We suggest at least 15-20 pins of wedding photos that you love 2. As you pin write in the description box EXACTLY what you LIKE about the image or idea 3. When you pin an image it will bring up related images if you scroll down, this can be a good place to find additional ideas that are in keeping with your style. Don’t be overwhelmed by so many wonderful ideas… We will help you narrow down your mood board to give you the exact look you are wanting.

So how do you create a Wedding Photography mood-board? It’s easy!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create your mood-board:

1. Create a Pinterest account at

2. Now that you are logged in.. Go up to the top to the search icon

3. Search for “wedding Photography”

4. Click on the images you like

5. Click “Save” at the top

6. If it’s your first time it may ask you to “Name your first board” Just give it a name like Wedding Photography Mood Board and click “create”

7. Most important Be sure to write in the “Description” what you like about the photo you are pinning

8. Once you have saved about 15-20 images you can remove or add by clicking on your account button in the bottom right and selecting “boards”

That’s it!

When it’s your time for your mood board review, we will ask you to share your board to your photographer so that they can better get to know your likes and dislikes. They can also tell you what it would take in terms of time and locations to obtain certain looks.

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