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What to Expect on Your Engagement Photography Session

So you booked your engagement session with BW Photography Studio. Now what do you do and what can you expect to happen? Well the good news is that we are here to walk you through everything and will keep you reminded along the way of any important information.

Langtree Plantation Engagement Session
Langtree Plantation Engagement Session

During your booking process, one of our photographers should have gone over some information about Creating a Pinterest Mood Board for your Engagement Photography Session. Before your session we like to have our clients collect some images that they like and share them with us, so we know the types of images you hope to capture on the day of your engagement photography session. This one on one mood board review is just one of the things that separate our studio from many others. Our goal is to not just take images that we love, but to create memories and images that you and your future spouse can’t live without.

Wedding Pinterest Mood Board
Wedding Pinterest Mood Board

Now that being said, we don’t just want you to pin a bunch of random photos. We want you to BE SELECTIVE! We want you to truly decide when you look at each photo, what it is you truly like about each one. So our wedding photographer will sit down with you and review each image you provide us and ask that very question. “Specifically, what is it that you like about this photo?”

Why do we do this? Because in our experience we have found that just because you may like a photo, it may NOT be for the reasons we think. We have had clients provide us with engagement photos taken at the beach with the oceans in the back. But when we actually dive down in the “Why” we actually find out that they really only like the couple’s expressions and not necessarily “Where” the photo was taken.

  • So the first thing that we need you to do is CREATE THAT MOOD BOARD. Be sure to have at least 15-20 images pinned and be sure to type in the description of each, the exact reason you like it

  • Next setup a Mood Board Review at least 3 weeks before you are ready for your Engagement Shoot. This can be done either at our studio or via phone/skype if you are too busy to meet.

Now after your Mood Board Review we will have a much better understanding of “Where” you want to take your engagement photos as well as “What” you want out of them the most. Our wedding photographer will then schedule your actual engagement shoot for you and discuss the best times of day for that shoot to obtain the look you are wanting.

Engagement Session Outfit
Engagement Session Outfit

Once a Location, Date and Time are set, then you will need to prepare your wardrobe. To help you we have created a helpful guide to pick out a wardrobe perfect for your engagement shoot. We also encourage you to speak with your makeup artist that you have hired for your wedding and see if they will do a “Test Run” of your hair and makeup for your engagement photos, so that you can actually see what it will look like in photographs.  If you don’t have a makeup artist or are choosing to go it alone be sure to check out our makeup guide to help you.

Also be sure to check with the location you plan on shooting and ensure that they do not require any special permits to take the photos. Some locations will NOT allow photographs to be taken on their property without written permission and fees.

If the two of you decide that you want to use props in your photos, like a picnic or bikes or whatever you are both in to. Then be sure to prepare your props them and pack them ready to go for the shoot.

So in case you missed that…

  • Once the date is set, Pick out your wardrobe by using our guide to help you.

  • · See if your makeup artist will do a test trial run for your engagement photos.

  • · If no makeup artist then follow our makeup guide to help you.

  • · Check with you location to ensure that NO Permits are required to shoot there.

  • · Prepare any props that you are using in your shoot.

Now it’s time for the big day of taking your Engagement Photos!

Please arrive at the location ON TIME or Even better EARLY! You are paying for the Photography services by the hour so if you don’t arrive on time, it can really ruin a shoot. The biggest reason a client doesn’t get all the images they want is because they ran out of time. So PLEASE arrive early.

Once you arrive, our photographer will check your wardrobe over and ensure that you are both looking as perfect as possible. They may adjust your clothing or fly away hairs. Just remember that they are trying to make you look as beautiful in a photograph as what they see in person. Sometimes they may clip a shirt in the back to allow it to fit a little more tailored. Just know that whatever they do, you won’t notice how it’s all done in the final images.

After the initial check, our Wedding Photographer will go over some basic poses and will demonstrate them to help you. Don’t worry!! They are Very simple and it will come natural to you after a run through. Our wedding photographers are highly trained in natural posing techniques as well as the ability to capture those photo journalistic moments that show how much you love each other.

So the last thing that you need to remember to do… Is RELAX!! Have Fun!! You will find that when you have fun, your images will turn out exactly the way you want them to and our Wedding Photographers will be able to create stunning and epic portraits that you will want to hang on your walls.

  • We have over a decade of capturing cherished wedding memories and turning moments into love legends.  

Sandcastle Farms Bride and groom holding hands in sun

Why Choose Us?

  • We're your local Charlotte and surrounding area experts.  We've uncovered the city's secret gardens, the intimate alcoves, and the ethereal backdrops where your love story comes to life in each frame.

  • Your vision, our commitment.  We walk you through everything and leave nothing to chance.  We customize the look and feel of your images to your desires.

  • With awards from Wedding Wire and the Knots as well as our publications in wedding magazines around the globe.  

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